Inner Telescope, a solo exhibition by Eduardo Kac—9/7/2018-9/30/2018, Sector 2337, Chicago, IL (Cocurator, with Caroline Picard)

Selected Press

“An Art Not of this Earth” by Lori Waxman, Temporary Art Review

“Wasp Sting” by Matthew Goulish, The Brooklyn Rail

On Civil Disobedience: An Epilogue, a three-day series of screenings, performances, and readings to mark the conclusion of the Green Lantern Press pamphlet series, On Civil Disobedience—11/29/2018-12/1/2018, Sector 2337, Chicago, IL

Day 01: Dreaming, Waking—featuring the work of Sky Hopinka, Damon Locks, and Ayanah Moor

Day 02: The Limits of Form—featuring the work of Basma ALSHARIF, Rashayla Marie Brown, T Clutch Fleischmann, and Jennif(f)er Tamayo

Day 03: Impressions of Resistance—featuring the work of J. Dakota Brown, Allen Moore, and Sonnenzimmer